Access - Import External Data From Excel Via Wizard

This article shows how to import external data from MS Excel file into MS Access Database via wizard.


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1 Open MS Access.

2 Create a blank database.

3 Set a database name and location and click on Create.

4 Go to "External Data" tab and click on "New Data Source" dropdown.

5 Choose "From File" and select "Excel".

6 Browse to your excel file, select "Import the source data into a new table in the current database." and hit OK.

7 Now check "First Row Contains Column Headings" and hit Next.

8 Specify your information about each of the fields you are importing and hit Next.

9 Now you can choose your primary key for this table and hit Next.

10 Choose a name for your table and hit Finish.

11 Go to "DesignView" and check out all imported fields.

12 That's it. Save and go back to "Datasheet View".